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Undiscerned Spiritual Pride-Jonathan Edwards

by Greg Gordon

How our Savior is grieved
Sins that ought not be done
are not found in the grave.

Our Savior weeps, Angels weep,
Saints of old weep, saints of present weep,
yet alas we continue on.

Things that ought not be done!
why do we perisist still? Our Savior
had died for sin, we have been freed to no avail.

We have been told to walk worthy,
yet we walk away. Our Savior sheds a
thousand tears a day.

Christ our master we refuse, rather we choose
a master of our own. Sin that cruel hater of men.
A master not a friend.

When will we see, there is victory to be had today.
Time quickly draws along.
Till that day of judging come.

Saints of God, will we be found standing in that day,
with secret sin holding before a holy throne?

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These Articles were written by Greg Gordon, Site Administrator of  Sermon Index. They are very convicting, and thought provoking. We need to carefully examine ourselves in these last days as Jesus Christ could come anytime. Would we be found ready or wanting? Only we know, and the Lord knows. We can't afford to miss His coming. Sermon Index also provides free mp3 and wma downloads of the most anointed preaching I've heard. You may freely download these articles to your pc and I encourage you to do so. I wish to thank Greg for making these available to freely share. The ministry the Lord has gifted Him with has truly touched many lives, both my own, my mothers', and others at my own church, through providing access to preaching by people I'd never heard of before. I thank God for Him and this ministry at Sermon Index.

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