God's Sanctuary-updated, please read

God's Sanctuary-updated, please read
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Lev 19:30 Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the LORD.

I have had to repent to the Lord and ask His forgiveness for my utter arrogance and ignorance....I have been fascinated now for some time studying the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and how wrong I was to think it was an illustration of a Christian and what it was to is in truth a type and illustration of our Lord Jesus Christ. This Book is HOLY and it is about Jesus. It's God's revelation of His Son, in whom He invested everything He is and has. This missunderstanding on my part was not intentional-but it does go to show there was too much of self at work still in my study. How I could think that God would go to so much trouble with Israel, give Moses such a pattern and repeatedly tell him follow the heavenly pattern you have been shown exactly and think that was the portrait of a believer..Lord please forgive me. Such arrogance. I didn't even see it until the Lord helped me while reading the book "The School of Christ" by T Austin Sparks. I do not want to mislead anyone so please take what I've said into consideration when reading what I have written about the Tabernacle and the Temple. They will have to be edited...but you know, this changes everything...and adds a new and exciting anticipation to go back and study these Scriptures again and pray for ever increasing revelation of this lovely Christ who has done so much for me and you. I do not wish to mislead anyone, and so I apologize and wish to set the record straight. Please forgive me...

In these times we live in, there is an alarming and heart breaking lack of reverence and knowledge on how to behave in the House of God. He clearly lays this out in the Word. We are instructed that God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about Him. (Psalms 89:7). This is not an option or suggestion, but a command, just as surely as Thou shalt not steal. I believe this reverence must begin in our hearts as we present ourselves with humility and hunger to the Word of God, and ask Him to teach us and help us understand how this Precious Book applies to our lives and is to govern our thoughts, behavior, and life. It's a fearful thing to ignore these things, to casually enter the House of the Almighty God, with an unprepared heart, a carnal mind, and a selfish attitude. When we enter the Sanctuary, it should be to learn of Him, to adore Him, to be a blessing and encouragement to others, and to draw strength from Him as He sends His instruction, that bread and meat from Heaven through the mouth of the speaker. We must reverence Him in His house here, else how can we rightfully expect to be taken to Heaven, where all is in divine order, and the Seraphims who are in the presence of God hide their faces and cover their feet? All they can say is HOLY HOLY HOLY. This should tell us something. They are much stronger in might than humanity, and they cover their feet, they wait on the Lord, anxious to do His bidding. They cover their faces, so awed they can't look on Him, but they can't stop declaring His Holiness. What we really believe is reflected by what comes out of our mouth and by our behavior. What does yours say about you? How should we act in His House? What should we come expecting? I pray you will take time to consider these things and I want to share with whosoever will take time to read these notes what the Lord's Word tells us on these things.

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