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2006 Bible Study Notes
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The Word of Our Testimony

2Ti 2:7 Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

If you are studying something, and want to dig a little, for more information, type in the word you are searching, for information. This comes from  This is a great, and free resource! May I encourage you to dig for the Treasure our Lord placed in His Word?


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December, 2006

Betraying Christ, Part Two

Despising the Word of the Lord

A Chosen and Sanctified House

A Living Sacrifice


Thou art the Glory

Pray for the Children

October, 2006


The Passover

September, 2006

Hungry for His Presence

Straightening the Crooked Places

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And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32